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SAP Business One Consulting

Every one of our SAP Business One Consultants has passed the gauntlet of SAP Certification tests which are needed to achieve the elite status of  SAP Gold Partner.  Our Gold Partner status is a unique level of certification that only the top Consultants and VARs ever earn.  It ensures our clients the delivery group has all the knowledge they need to ensure your system is being used to the fullest of its capabilities.

What make Clients First Consuting different than other Partners in the market?

After companies move beyond the “one size fits all” mentality of a product like QuickBooks, they look to a product like SAP Business One. They require the same ease of use, but desire expanded functionality and GAAP Compiancy. They want to gain the efficiencies of an integrated system, but want something that can be more configured to their individual needs. 80 – 90% of what they do is just like everyone else. They sell a product or service. They manufacture it. Or, distribute it. Or, perform the service. And, they invoice the client. But, along the way, they have specialized needs that are uniquely their own.

That’s where our expert consultants are needed.  We help you maintain standardized processes, while accounting for your unique needs.

This not only takes an expert on the software, but someone that is able to look at your company in a holistic manner.  A simple change in your front-end processes could have major effects throughout, because the system is completely integrated.  Our SAP Business One Consultants understand this and are nationally recognized, even within the SAP Partner eco-system.

What drew me to Clients First was their approach of really
trying to understand their customers’ needs, just like their
company name. Our project was on time and below budget.
Lyle Halstead, Controller, Univertical

Clients First offers a wide array of consulting services. These services include, but are not limited to:

All services are offerred both remote and on-site throughout our multiple offices in the US.

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