Since 2005, SAP Business One is the fastest growing business application in the history of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.  Over 55,000 companies are now running SAP Business One world-wide, with over 700,000 users.
Most people think SAP is only for large corporations in the Fortune 500.  And clearly, SAP dominates that sector of the market.  However, almost 80% of SAP’s customers are considered small to mid-sized companies.  SAP Business One is a fantastic solution for companies operating as:

  • Start-ups expecting large growth
  • Stand-alone Enterprises
  • Parent companies operating in a subsidiary model
  • Organizations with multi-company, multi-national, multi-branch, and multi-divisional needs

SAP Business One Solution Stack

SAP Business One can be run in a variety of environments, depending if you need on-premise, full cloud, hosted, etc.  Whatever the environment, we have an option to fulfill your needs.  And, it can be run on SQL or HANA.

SAP Business One Core Functionality

“Out of the Box”, SAP Business One contains all of the functionality to run your entire organization.  Yet, it is flexible enough and able to be configured to your organizations individual needs.

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