If you can’t find it here, then……

If you have done a search on anything related to SAP Business One, then you probably realize the over-abundance of information out there today.  But, how much of that is relevant and up-to-date?  Why doesn’t someone create a consolidated area of all the pertinent SAP Business One information?  If you have 15 different websites up on your screen right now, then this section is for you!

You will find it useful if you are a current SAP Business One customer looking for the latest information on the new release or even those considering SAP Business One looking for a deeper dive of self-service information.  The SAP website, while containing very good information, is a vast repository and it’s often a daunting task to navigate.  Here, we will be consolidating all of the main sources of SAP information and coordinating them in a more concise manner, specifically related to SAP Business One.  So, let’s get started….

Self-Study Areas

The help withinSAP Business One Academy SAP Business One is very good and getting even better with each release. However, maybe you had your initial training and looking to brush up on the content. Maybe you have training coming up and want to get a head start. Maybe you are a prospect and want to evaluate some of the self-study material.  Here are several links to SAP material and training.  This will not replace training specifically coordinated for your situation, but its a great start.

The SAP Business One Academy can be accessed by anyone and contains an abundance of information.  Just be careful, it’s not always easy to get back to square one and easy to get lost in the woods.

SAP Business One to Go

This is a very expansive document detailing out the functionality and mindset of the system.  It doesn’t have everything, but if it’s not here, then it’s a much deeper dive.  This is for version 9.1 and a new version for 9.2 will be posted in it’s place, when available.  However, even though it’s a version behind, it’s very well done and will give a great understanding on all aspects of the system, except the latest updates.  Be advised, however, it is 304 pages if you print it out in it’s entirety!

SAP Business One To Go

***Editors Note:  This is a document I am often surprised most people don’t have in their own personal repository of Business One information.  It’s one of my first “goto” documents when I have questions.  One reason I like this document is that it starts off with the “personality of SAP Business One”.  Having been in the business for many years, I have learned that understanding how a system “thinks” is one of the biggest keys to success, as you are not trying to constantly fight against what it is trying to do natively.

SAP Business One on YouTube

Does SAP Business One have a YouTube channel?  Absolutely.  Just be careful, there is an abundance of linked content and posts.  Anything more than a year old is probably suspect in terms of functionality available in the latest versions. Since the General Release of Version 9.2 just came out at the end of May 2016.  New video posts are just starting to emerge, but it takes a couple of months to get posted.  That’s the general timing of things.


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