SAP Business One Deployment Options

SAP Business One allows you to make your own choice about solution deployment.

Most software solutions force you to fit the deployment method that is best for them, not you.  Ever wonder why SaaS providers only tout the benefits of SaaS? Is that what’s best for you or what’s best for them? Did you know that companies stay on their core ERP system for an average of 15+ years? That, in a SaaS model, you pay for that solution approximately every 3 years vs. the one time cost of an on-premise solution? Now, there are certainly other reasons why SaaS might actually make the most sense, but shouldn’t that be your decision and not the software vendor?

SAP Business One allows you to deploy the solution any way you choose!  Read below for more information on each deployment method.  We want you to be fully aware of all the benefits AND draw-backs of each method to be able to make an informed decision on what is best for your situation.

On-Premise Deployment

clientsfirst_onpremise-001Maybe you already have IT expertise in-house or have an existing relationship with a managed service. Want full control and ownership of your infrastucture? Purchase the licenses and run it on your own infrastructure.  This is the traditional approach to SAP Business One ownership and offers the maximum amount of flexibility and control for organizations.  Additionally, SAP Business One is designed from the ground up, to be a low cost, low maintenance solution.  This deployment option is best for the following companies, who/have:

Cloud Deployment – Hosted

clientsfirst_sap-cds-001A general misconception is that you have to go SaaS to be in the “Cloud”. That’s not true! SAP offers the option for you to purchase the SAP Business One licenses, similar to the on-premise option, but then, you have your IT infrastructure hosted. This is called, Bring Your Own Licenses. Clients First offers a variety of hosted options, such as Microsoft Azure or through SAP directly, with their new Cloud Deployment Services (CDS). Have your own trusted Partner already? No problem. We would be happy to work with them too! It’s your software.  How do you want to do business?  This option works best for companies who/have:

Full SaaS Deployment

clientsfirst_saas-001You can hardly turn around today without hearing someone touting SaaS as the future direction of Software.  Certainly, there are many benefits, such as a low cost of entry.  And, SAP Business One does support this option.  This option works best for companies, who need:

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