Customer Testimonials


Suppose you had a breakthrough technology with awesome potential and a company coming together to turn it into a business success. What would be one of the first things you’d do? Flame-retardant clothing supplier DRIFIRE LLC chose to put sound business software in place.


“We went with the SAP Business One application. It wasn’t just that the spreadsheets were slow and cumbersome. There are some things that are just plain hard to do at all in spreadsheets. Client’s First saw us through 100% revenue growth in each of its first two years, and there is no end in sight to where it will take us.”

Glen Rhodes, IT Manager, DRIFIRE LLC.


powertrain-logoFiat Powertrain

What do you do when your company restructures and the outside controller at the helm of your accounting conversion departs, taking the servers and ERP system with him? That’s exactly what happened with Fiat Powertrain Technologies of North America.

Along with their new name and expanded operations, Fiat Powertrain (FPT) suddenly required a full accounting and enterprise system for their international business. FPT turned to Real Solutions, a Chicago-based SAP Business One reseller who recommended FPT utilize SAP Business One in a hosted environment provided by I-Business Network.

“I’m very pleased with the exceptional service we receive from Clients First. SAP Business One has been a steady, reliable software and our hosting services have exceeded our expectations”

Anthony Manning, Controller, FPT


mario-logo_tallMario Camacho Foods

Mario Camacho decided to design new business processes that were optimized for the needs of the new company as a whole and to re implement SAP Business One to support those processes. “We called Client’s First, and they did another excellent job – on schedule and under budget again,” Starling reports. The Right Solution for Every Aspect of the SAP Business One has proven to be a success for Mario Camacho Foods in all four of the major facets of its business.

“We are now one company in every way. Without a doubt, a big reason was our decision to implement SAP Business One.”

Jeff McMahon ,CFO, Mario Camacho Foods


Translectric Inc.

Translectric Inc. manufactures, sells, and distributes many types of automotive products from its headquarters in Jackson, Missouri. By focusing on customer service, the company has built an enviable business in which only 20 employees generate more than US$7 million in annual revenue. One might think that with such a small workforce, data communication would not be the problem it is in larger organizations. Because of the software islands Translectric used in the past, however, data communication – or rather its absence – posed very serious obstacles indeed. Now the firm has implemented the SAP® Business One application, and the resulting smooth flow of information among departments is helping improve the business in many ways.

“SAP Business One stood above the rest. It does the best job of allowing us to combine data from all our departments to deliver the top-level information we need to make the right decisions.”

Scott Toll, Translectric Inc.



univertical-logoUnivertical is a manufacturer of copper anodes as well as high purity chemicals andcyanides for the plating industry. They chose to run their business on SAP Business One because it is a secure system they could trust to provide data integrity. Univertical had operated as a private company since 1938.

When they were purchased in 2012 by a public company, they were required to consolidate their General Ledger from four companies into one and move from a Standard to Moving Average cost model. Lyle Halstead, Controller at Univertical, describes why this corporate mandate proved tobe a challenge and how it impacted their future with SAP Business One.

“What drew me to Clients First was their approach of really
trying to understand their customers’ needs, just like their
company name. Our project was on time and below budget.”

Lyle Halstead,Controller, Univertical Inc.