SAP Business One 9-2 Overview

SAP Busines One 9.2 Data Ownership SAP Busines One 9.2 Price Update Wizard SAP Busines One 9.2 Project Managment SAP Busines One 9.2 Pervasive Analytics Designer SAP Busines One 9.2...
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New Version of Angry Birds HANA.

SAP Releases New Version of Angry Birds HANA 1 billion Downloads in 1st hour.  Breaks Internet! Bloomberg News, 07/09/2016 – News out of Stuttgart, Germany today.  SAP, the largest Business…

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The 3 Cs

Compliancy, Compliant, and the Certification Process What it means to you and your software system I was recently asked by a customer for a copy of our certificate, which validated…

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