If you are already a SAP Business One User….

consider Clients First for your Partner of Record.

Let’s face it, if you are already a Business One user and you found this page, then you probably found this page for a particular reason.  Clients First specializes in taking over existing Business One accounts.

Maybe you are looking for a higher level of customer service.  Maybe you need a more proactive team that promotes a continued, pervasive growth of your solution.

Call or email us today to discuss your options.

We have been implementing ERP solutions for 20 years and have over 10 years of experience with SAP Business One.  Here are a few things that set us apart from the other partners.


Most Partners own or have the rights to distribute specific Intellectual Property or IP.  While this, in and of itself, is not bad, it does limit the options presented to the customer and has an inherent bias.

We do not own any IP.  Our IP is the development of our internal processes to help source, implement, and support those soutions.  We look at each customer’s needs separately and utilize the Partner Network to find the right solution for your particular needs.

It is NOT, what is best for us? It is what is best for YOU?!?

Within the Business One product environmet, there are often multiple ways and multiple products to accomplish the same goal.  Each approach and each solution utilized are not equal. Our approach is simple. In order of priority, they are:

  • Whenever possible, stay within the standard functionality and tool sets of the core SAP product. Partner products and custom solutions add complexity.  Stay within the core, if possible.
  • Find a certified Partner product.  It must fit in terms of price, functionality, and available support to customer requirements.
  • Last possible resort, look to non-certified products or custom solutions.  But, the SDK or custom solutions should only be considered, IF there are no other options available.

We have worked within the Partner Community for years and are a vital part of the Partner Action Committee.  We know what the Partner products do, don’t do, how they do it, if it is supported and developed in the US, and which Partners are entering or even exiting the US market. Quite frankly, we know which products live up to their hype and which do not.

Some perceive not owning the IP, as a disadvantage.  We actually turn it into your competitive advantage.  We help you select the best product for your needs, based on: strength of author, support, price, functionality, future development, etc.

If needed, we then bring in specifc experts to implement the solution and we manage the project to successful completion.  The on-going relationship is owned by our team, giving you “One call to make and one throat to choke”, as your first call will always be to Clients First!

This gives our customers the benefits of both worlds, variety of options and singular responsibility of solution management.  All at no higher level of cost, as we leverage our relationships and expertise for you.

We love customer service!

You made a major investment in a new ERP solution.  You aren’t going to continue to invest in that solution, unless there is value to do so.  What if your Partner didn’t just call you when they wanted to sell you something?  What if your contact with your Partner wasn’t only when you had system issues?

We call this the “Break/Fix Mentatlity”. And, it inherently leads to an acrimonious partnership.

Clients First won the 2016 SAP Customer Loyalty Award.  It is an award based on customer satisfaction over a 3 year period.  It is NOT an award based on amount of product sold!


Yes, we want to sell you more software, but only if it makes sense.  Only if there is value returned.  Only if your team is ready and able to absorb the technological progression.  This means sound core principles in place, from which to build.

Our job is to help you plan for incremental, technological improvements, at a pace your organization can absorb.  Only then, will your team realize the benefits and value of the investment.

It is our job to be a good partner.  A good advisor.  Sometimes, this means not selling you something, until you are ready.  They are honest conversations.  They are planned activities.

That’s our definition of Partnership and that’s why our custmers are the most satisfied customers in the Business One community.

Experience Counts!

You can be an expert on Business Processes.  You can be an expert on the software.  But, CLIENTS FIRST consultants are experts in BOTH!

Why is that important?  If you are an expert on the software, then you probably know how the software works in any given scenario.  However, you are not working in a vacuum.  Any change in the system, could have massive ramifications down the line.  Not only in how the software works, but how those changes will fit with your current business processes.

Far too often, we are called in after the fact to fix issues, only to find out, previous consultants made the changes without consideration of the environment, as a whole.  Yes, the change could be made.  That is not the important question.  The important question is, “If we make these changes, what may or may not happen further down the line?”

It’s a simple point, that if missed, may result in a tremendous expense to the customer to undue and re-implement the right way. We train our consultants, not only on product knowledge, but managing the business process environment in a holistic manner. That’s the CLIENTS FIRST difference.

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