SMBs Going Global

When establishing the new SMB Solutions Group last year under the guidance of former NetSuite president Dean Mansfield, one of SAP’s stated goals was creating a new offering for small-to-medium businesses that would include front-office functions such as CRM.

That idea is now a reality in the form of SAP Anywhere, which will roll out to China later this year, said Luis Murguria, SVP of Business One at SAP, while speaking at ASUG’s Business One Summit this week.

SAP Anywhere is aimed at companies with between 10 and 500 workers. It will be delivered as SaaS (software as a service) by SAP, with functionality encompassing sales, marketing, e-commerce and inventory, according to the company.

But when is SAP Anywhere going to live up to its name and come to North America? There will be a global product rollout in 2016, Murguria said. SAP wants to deliver a front-office product that will be “fully integrated” with Business One by the time it branches out of China, he added.

casffaderHANA’s Impact on Business One

Business One became the first SAP ERP product to be sold on HANA in 2012. Some 3,000 of the more than 55,000 B1 customers overall are now running on HANA. Murguria said HANA allows greater agility for customers, by eliminating “slow-moving” data.

As an example, protective athletic equipment provider EvoShield is able to capitalize on the real-time data that HANA provides to keep pace with larger competitors (and SAP customers) such as Nike and Under Armour, said EvoShield VP of Operations David Shinn during the same presentation.

“When I present to vendors, my data is as good or better than our competitors,” Shinn explained.

With HANA, Murguria said customers also get embedded predictive analytics, available only to B1 customers on the in-memory database. This allows small businesses to integrate and analyze social media data in their ERP, he said.

80_316_279_looking_ahead_316x279The Road Ahead

SAP has dedicated 350 engineers to innovating on Business One in order to build a “more robust ERP”, Murguria touted, with mobility as a key focus.

“Expect Business One to become more mobile,” Murguria said. “We will do this by enhancing the user experience, particularly in the areas of sales and service.”

I’ll have more details on SAP’s future plans for Business One later this week, based on a road map session at the Business One Summit.

SAP Business One Options

SAP Business One HANA

HANA is Optimized for ERP Systems

Any small business can benefit by using this solution, especially those that operate in industries that process large volumes of transactions or need insight into their company-wide data in real time. The solution makes innovation, previously accessible only to large enterprises, available to smaller businesses within a small-business budget.

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SAP Business One on SQL

Built on Rock Solid SQL Technology

SAP will continue to offer the SQL option for Business One.  While SAP strongly believes in the value and competitive advantages of SAP Business One HANA, they also understand the importance of Microsoft SQL in the small business segment and in the install base of SAP Business One, which incorporates the VAST majority of their 55,000+ customers.  And, with only a few exceptions due to the HANA technology, the products offer the same core functionality.

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A Deployment Option for ALL Needs

On-Premise Deployment

The Traditional Approach

Already have your IT infrastructure in place?  Want to keep it?  Then, the on-premise option is designed for you.  Purchase or even lease the licenses and run it on your own infrastructure.  This is the traditional approach to SAP Business One ownership and offers the maximum amount of flexibility and control for organizations.  Additionally, SAP Business One is designed from the ground up, to be a low cost, low maintenance solution.

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Cloud Deployment

Cloud Based Computing

Ready for the Cloud?  SAP offers the option for you to purchase the SAP Business One licenses, similar to the on-premise option, but you can also have your IT infrastructure managed or hosted.  Clients First offers a variety of hosted options, such as Microsoft Azure or through SAP directly, with their new Cloud Deployment Services (CDS).  Have your own trusted Partner already?  No problem.  We would be happy to work with them too!  It’s your software.  How do you want to do business?

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Full SaaS Deployment

Software as a Service

You can hardly turn around today without hearing someone touting SaaS as the future direction of Software.  Certainly, there are many benefits, such as a low cost of entry.  And, SAP Business One does support this option.  But, is it all they say it is?  Allow us to walk you through the advantages and disadvantages of a SaaS model, so that you can make an educated decision for your organization.

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