New Version of Angry Birds HANA.

SAP Releases New Version of Angry Birds HANA

1 billion Downloads in 1st hour.  Breaks Internet!

Bloomberg News, 07/09/2016 – News out of Stuttgart, Germany today.  SAP, the largest Business Applications developer in the world, releases their new version of Angry birds on the HANA platform, takes the world by storm.

OK, so that wasn’t actually the headline this morning out of Germany.  That is my ‘tip of the cap’ to The Onion,, which may also be lost on some of you.  But, check it out, as it is rather funny.

But, this actually WAS a recent news release….

Apple and German software company SAP just signed a key partnership

Matt Weinberger

May 5, 2016, 3:03 PM

This particular article is written from the perspective of Apple.  But, why is this partnership so important for SAP?

I can’t really say it better than Matt.

But, more importantly, why is this important for you, if you are running SAP Business One HANA?  OR, are thinking about it?

Matt’s doing a lot of the heavy lifting on my blog this week.  But, he’s exactly right and he says it better than I ever could.  Great job Matt!

In my last blog (insert link), I alluded to this fact after I had reviewed a demonstration of a new bar coding application written on the HANA platform for SAP Business One.

Now, will they eventually come up with a new Angry Birds HANA app?  I doubt it.  But, I hope so!  Just don’t make another movie…please.

I find it interesting, I have already had customers say, “I will never go HANA.”  To that, I say, “OK, you don’t have to, they have 50,000 companies on the standard SQL platform.  It’s not going away.”

But inside, I’m thinking that if even half of this potential is realized, SAP Business One HANA is eventually going to be too compelling for any company to resist.  And, if they persist to take a stance against moving to the platform, they do so to their own detriment and market competitiveness.  They might as well be making buggy whips.  Today’s business is about efficiencies.  SAP Business One HANA is about…. efficiencies.

But rationally, I would ask, what exactly are you afraid of?  Why be afraid of faster development, easier deployment, cheaper solutions?  Isn’t that why you are paying SAP your annual maintenance?  To develop solutions like this?  To help you become more efficient?  To give you a competitive edge in the market?

Isn’t this what they are supposed to be doing with your hard earned money?  If not, why use SAP Business One at all?  Why not just go back to a 12 column green ledger?

I may have just shown my age with that reference.  But, all those old accountants reading this are nostalgically nodding their heads right now.  You know who you are!

If you are looking at purchasing a new ERP system, then are you considering SAP Business One HANA?

If not, then why not?  Are the companies you are evaluating the global leader in Business Application software?  Are they continuing to define and refine the market, not only with their software, but do they have the capacity to command a partnership with other global leaders in the tech space, like SAP does?

Again, Matt’s article was written from the perspective of Apple partnering with SAP and how advantageous that relationship was for Apple.  Certainly the advantages go both ways.  But, there is a reason you are not reading a press release that Apple is partnering with “Miscellaneous Software Company XYZ”.  It’s not going to have a market impact.

SAP Business One HANA is here.  I don’t recommend just jumping on the bandwagon.  The timing for every company is unique.  Work with your Partner on what is the right timing for you and your company.  Hopefully, that’s us!


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