Functionality: Are you Y2K compliant?

Functionality: “Are you Y2K compliant?”

But, as a salesman, I can’t help but think, “Man, when are they going to hand me a document that will
actually help them?” And, do not take any of this to mean all RFPs are worthless. That is far from the
truth. But overall, I do think the process and criteria of most RFPs could be greatly improved.
Through this series of blogs, I solemnly promise to give you absolutely no concrete answers on how to
resolve any of this. But hopefully, you will be able to better arm yourself with appropriate questions for
your evaluation and receive an inside look as to “our” view of the evaluation process. Thereby, giving
you a better understanding of your own process and the criteria you should include.

Next Up – Functionality: “Are you Y2K compliant?”

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