Every company is unique!  You are a company that does Repair & Maintenance.  Maybe you clean high-end, expensive Persian Rugs.  Or, you are a fuel delivery company.  Will Business One be a fit for my company?

The answer is yes.  With 55,000+ companies using the software, world-wide, we have companies successfully using Business One in just about every sector, every industry.

The key is utilizing our Functional Requirements, or Blueprinting exercise, to match your processes to the software and then performing a gap fit/analysis.

When a gap is determined, we then have several options:

  • We can tweak the process to fit the software.
  • We can tweak the software to fit the process, by adding a formatted search of user defined field.  Not customizing the software, but configuring the software using standard tools within the system.
  • We can evaluate Partner Add-Ons to see if they potentially fill the gap.


  • We can use a Business Process Management (BPM) tool to fill the gap, automate and streamline the process.

Example.  Half of your sales people are in the field.  They need access to the system, but you want to limit the information you extend.  You also want to change the order entry flow to more naturally follow your business demands.  And, for good measure, you want to track your employees to make sure you can account for them at all times.

A BPM tool can accomplish all of this and more!  We don’t make changes to the source code.  And, it does not affect your upgrade path.  A BPM tool is a great solution to fill in the gaps to give you a customized feel to a standardized product.

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