Copper Anodes and High Purity Chemicals

Univertical is a manufacturer of copper anodes as well as high purity chemicals andcyanides for the plating industry. They chose to run their business on SAP Business One because it is a secure system they could trust to provide data integrity. Univertical had operated as a private company since 1938.

When they were purchased in 2012 by a public company, they were required to consolidate their General Ledger from four companies into one and move from a Standard to Moving Average cost model. Lyle Halstead, Controller at Univertical, describes why this corporate mandate proved tobe a challenge and how it impacted their future with SAP Business One.


“What drew me to Clients First was their approach of really
trying to understand their customers’ needs, just like their
company name. Our project was on time and below budget.”

Lyle Halstead,Controller, Univertical Inc.

Through innovation and proprietary technology, we are the market leader and continually strive to expand our product and brand name’s global reach. Univertical truly is the global benchmark of quality. So whatever your business needs, local or global, Univertical will deliver.

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