Suppose you had a breakthrough technology with awesome potential and a company coming together to turn it into a business success. What would be one of the first things you’d do? Flame-retardant clothing supplier DRIFIRE LLC chose to put sound business software in place.

DRIFIRE started with an extensive list of candidate vendors and one by one eliminated them from con-sideration, ultimately culling the list to two, SAP and Microsoft, and then to one. “SAP Business One has it all,” explains Rhodes. “The base package contains all the fundamental functionality we needed to run the business and grow it, and its third-party application library fulfills all our special needs with software that shares the same user interface. You can’t tell whether you’re using SAP Business One or a third-party app. It all looks like SAP Business One.”

“We went with the SAP Business One application. It wasn’t just that the spreadsheets were slow and cumbersome. There are some things that are just plain hard to do at all in spreadsheets. Clients First saw us through 100% revenue growth in each of its first two years, and there is no end in sight to where it will take us.”

Glen Rhodes, IT Manager, DRIFIRE LLC.

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