The global manufacturing industry is increasingly more competitive and in order to gain an advantage businesses must implement enterprise manufacturing software like SAP Business One manufacturing. Not only do you need to work with a fluctuating demand and products with reduced life cycles, you must adapt to ever-increasing global competition while complying with strict rules. You are under significant pressure to try to increase efficiency, differentiate products, and stay within the regulations.

SAP Business One manufacturing software can help you achieve greater control of manufacturing operations by increasing visibility in the supply chain, automating key processes in production, tracking compliance, and allowing focus to be placed on innovation and speed to reach the market (“speed to market”).

  • Focusing on manufacturing efficiency – Modernize the entire manufacturing process, from production scheduling to purchasing and logistics so you can perform better than the competition.
  • Modernize production and planning – Manage the material requirements for the production process on multiple levels; create manufacturing resource plan scenarios to project demand and automatically generate replenishment orders to avoid lack of production material.
  • Optimize inventory management – Keep a record of inventory levels and the movement of goods in real time to minimize lack of stock situations, increase the availability of goods, and reduce inventory costs.
  • Comply with regulations – Keep controlled and informed records of compliances with government mandates and industry guidelines

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