No Small Fiat;

A New Name, A New Way of Doing Business,
Fiat Powertrain Easily Slides Into A Hosted Solution

What do you do when your company restructures and the outside controller at the helm of your accounting conversion departs, taking the servers and ERP system with him? That’s exactly what happened with Fiat Powertrain Technologies of North America.

The Background
Iveco Motors rebranded to Fiat PowerTrain Technologies NA (FPT) in 2007. This independent provider of engines and transmissions for the open market as well as other Fiat Group companies offers a wide range of industrial diesel engines servicing the industrial, power generation and marine market segments. FPT NA operations includes:

• Parts sales form a network of 10 parts distribution centers
• Approximately 260 dealers
• Service support at ≈350 dealer locations
• Technical support through automated query systems
• Training using state of the art classrooms and training devices

The Challange
Along with their new name and expanded operations, Fiat Powertrain (FPT) suddenly required a full accounting and enterprise system for their international business.  FPT turned to Real Solutions, a Chicago-based SAP Business One reseller who recommended FPT utilize SAP Business One in a hosted environment provided by I-Business Network.

The Solution
Fiat Powertrain is headquartered in Carol Stream, Illinois and staffed by 35 employees around the country with 12 of them actively using the SAP Business One hosted solution. Clients First’s hosted services provide FPT with the ability to access their software from anywhere, including the Italian headquarters of Fiat, and, at a lower total cost of operation than they could achieve on their own.

“I’m very pleased with the exceptional service we receive from I-BN. SAP Business One has been a steady, reliable software and I-Business Network’s hosting services have exceeded our expectations. We’ve had absolutely no issues whatsoever,” Manning continued. “Since the responsibility is mine and I’m not an IT guy, hosting the software has been an ideal solution.”

Anthony Manning
Controller, FPT

What’s Going On

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