When one sells services, –not products–, your business and margins depend on your quality of service and responsiveness capacity to customer requirements. You need a clear view of your projects to be able to manage people, resources, and client expectations in a more efficient manner. But if you’ve grown organically, this visibility can be elusive – especially if your data and processes are engaged in multiple remote locations.

The SAP Business One application offers unique insight into operations and automates resource management and key project processes in addition to supporting time and expense management. It can help you meet customer requirements, be more efficient, and increase your profits.

Not only does SAP Business One run your core business functions like sales and finance, it can also help you:

  • Strengthen customer relations – Keep a record of all historical transactions as well as customer satisfaction levels and preferences so you may use the opinions of your clients to develop service offers and delivery models driven by them.
  • Promote profitable commitments with clients – Manage the entire client commitment efficiency lifecycle – from “leads” to service delivery and invoicing – and concentrate on the most profitable relationships possible.
  • Recruiting and retaining appropriate talent – Attract, retain, and deploy your human resources in response to client needs with an integrated system that captures human resource information on all employees.

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SAP Business One 9-2 Overview

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